van life

foxy’s transformation: 1982 vw vanagon bus build

  • strip/gut the interior
  • put in studs and insulate- we used reflectix on the ceiling, spray foam on the walls, and styrofoam on the floor
  • lay in plywood sheets
  • panel on top using hemlock or cedar reclaimed wood or locally sustainably harvested lumber
  • install stove, cabinets, drawers, ect!

Virtual Van Tour

Are you thinking about making the transition to van life or tiny living?

Take the leap, follow your dreams, and manifest your vision. Let go of the material and societal baggage that doesn’t serve you, realize that home ultimately is within you, and embrace community along with the kindness of strangers.

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For three Years we rented a Mongolian style yurt built by the farmers at Good Heart Farmstead, tucked in the foothills of The Worcester Mountain Range, in North Central Vermont. The circular layout encouraged community and flow. The frame and support beams were harvested from the property’s forest at the edge of the farm. We lived close to the land in the following ways:

  • Hauling our water from the farmer’s home or from the green house pump
  • Using the bathroom outdoors, in all weather, and at night under the stars
  • Helping to grow our own food and cultivating a small medicinal plant garden in front of the yurt
  • Harvesting both cultivated flower varieties and field wildflowers for tea and decorative bouquets
  • Tending a wood stove for heat and cooking in the colder months
  • Splitting and stacking our firewood in the fall
  • Pickling and canning fruits and vegetables from the farm and neighboring orchards for additional winter food supply
  • Composting “humanure,” our food scraps, and plant matter to begin the cycle of growth again
  • Living simply and not accumulating a lot of “stuff”
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