Tortuga Marina

“The elephant, tortoise, snake, and other creatures noted for their longevity have a breathing rate that is less than man’s. The giant tortoise, for instance, which may attain the age of 300 years, breathes only 4 times a minute.” -Pramahansa Yogananda 

It is scientifically proven that deeper, slower breathing equals a longer life span. 

On the other hand, a monkey’s breathe is up to 32 times per minute, AKA monkey mind. 

This photo was taken at one of our favorite beaches, playa Camoronal. It also happens to be a sea turtle refuge, where 4 out of the 7 endangered sea turtles are native.

A non profit organization protects the nesting eggs, and then escorts the baby sea turtles to the sea, eliminating a large percentage of sea turtle deaths in hopes to repopulate the species. Only 1 out of 1000 eggs will make it to adulthood. The caretakers of this beach also keep it immaculate, picking up all the trash that washes ashore or that is left behind by ignorant visitors. 

A little after this photo was taken, Charles and I witnessed a baby sea turtle who had just hatched making it to the sea during sunset with the help of some god sent volunteers. We both feel it was one of the most beautiful miracles either of us has ever witnessed. 

The beauty of life, coupled with this effort by mankind to be of service to nature and her animals, rekindled a lot of faith within me. When we see so much destruction, corruption and evil in the world, it becomes paramount to witness and support acts of compassion and of creation. Keeping it all in balance. Not letting the scales tip to greed and destruction. 

It is moments like these that cause us to re evaluate our footprint, find ways to be of service or support missions of service. Simply not supporting or voting for those who choose to disregard our planet and it’s inhabitants. 

And we should learn from the turtles too. To slow down this unsustainable pace. To work with the breath as a way of maintaining health and peace. To dive into the future with courage and profound trust. 

To donate to these conservation and wild life efforts, please visit the link below!

National Wildlife Refuge Camaronal

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