Spring Cleaning for Traveling, Tiny Living, & Zen Housekeeping

Deep cleaning can seem overwhelming.

Charles and I have been cat and house sitting for the last couple months, and soon we’re about to move from the yurt on the farm and into our van. So we’ve had to do a lot of cleaning- and this is where I find an overload of products for different wildly specific applications, either in someone’s cupboard, or in the aisle at a store.

As Charles and I are slowly getting rid of 80 percent of the things we own to prepare to move into the tiniest space either of us have ever lived in, (well there was that time Charles lived in a tiny house on the farm, but the van is probably still smaller than that), we’ve been simplifying and condensing the things that we do need to bring along.

This has been an extremely liberating process! Its like getting rid of mental and physical baggage, cleaning the mind out as well as the spaces with our belongings. The less you have, the less responsibility you have, and the more you appreciate what you do have. I’ve been asking myself almost daily, “do I really need this?” And then being very honest with myself, and engaging in the process of letting go. If I’m not using it everyday, it probably isn’t essential. There are some things that are challenging to let go of, but when you do you open up new space for growth and clarity.

I’ve found THREE SIMPLE and basic DIY van (or whatever you live in) cleaning recipes, all from doTERRA’s do it yourself blog.

I picked the recipes that seemed the most important, and that could be modified to fit other cleaning applications. This is a very simple way to create an eco-friendly toxin free cleaning supplies cabinet. You can refill your bottles each time you make a new batch, and even experiment with different essential oil combinations. Outside of the essential oils, you’ll want to buy these ingredients in bulk: Baking soda, white vinegar, citric acid, salt, olive oil, and fragrance free liquid castile soap (ex. Dr. Bronner). Then, all you need is three glass containers that you’ll reuse each time. The containers include one jar with a lid, one bottle with a sprayer, and one bottle with a cap or sprayer. You’ll want glass because pure essential oils can pull the toxins out of plastic. And besides, who wants more plastic? Also, ditch the paper towel and one time use wipes. Sponges and rags are our friends. Can’t afford to buy some new rags? Just cut up that tee-shirt you were going to donate. Its true that sometimes even these need to be thrown out, but they can be washed and reused many times before that fate.

Wood Polish: For surfaces and furniture

Recipe 1:
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar
10 drops Essential Oils (Arborvitae, Wild Orange, or Lemon)
Glass bottle with cap or sprayer

-Combine and mix ingredients, pour into bottle
– Spray or dab onto a clean microfiber cloth and rub surface down

Modification: Subtract the vinegar for wooden cutting boards, vessels, and utensils

All Purpose Cleaner: For any surface, appliances, and windows

Recipe 2:
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 3/4 cup water
30 drops lemon essential oil + on guard essential oil (either 15 of each or 30 of on guard)
Glass bottle with sprayer

-Combine, mix well, and pour into bottle
-Spray onto cloth and wipe surface

-Multiply the water and vinegar and add 2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap for mop bucket solution. Multiplication variable depends on square footage of floor.
-Subtract the vinegar and add 2 tablespoons of unscented liquid castile soap for dish washing/hand soap. The ratio of water to Dr. B soap is 1:10 and says so on the bottle too

Deep Clean Scrub: Heavy duty grime- compositing buckets, bathroom, sinks, ect

Recipe 3:
Mason jar with lid
¾ rounded cup baking soda
¼ cup unscented liquid castile soap
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon vinegar
5–10 drops Lemon oil

-In bowl, combine baking soda and castile soap.
-Add water and stir.
-Add vinegar and essential oil. The consistency should be a soft paste.
-Store in airtight container.

-Substitute a 1:1 ratio of on guard essential oil with oregano essential oil getting rid of black mold

See, how simple is that? Once you have these formulas roaming around in your head, it will be easier to implement down the road. If you’d like to eventually expand your DIY toxin-free cleaning supply cabinet, go right ahead! These three recipes may just help you to get the ball rolling. OH and PS…elbow grease doesn’t cost a cent!

To check out other doTERRA DIY recipes for dishwashing, laundry, etc…click the link! https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/diy

Note: Not all aforementioned essential oils are ideal for cats, dogs, and other pets. Make sure you research whats recommended for your pet. That being said, I’m pretty sure any one of the standard chemical cleaning products could swiftly kill your pet if they got ahold of it.

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